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Spotted Black Snake



At Fauna Spotters Pty Ltd we work with companies right across Australia, providing our services on a range of interesting projects from various habitats and industries, providing the best service by our extraordinary team.

Why Work at Fauna Spotters?

Fauna Spotters Pty Ltd isn't just any old wildlife management company, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. 

A Rewarding and Supportive Workplace

Being the best in the business starts with providing our staff the best workplace possible. We achieve this by providing the highest pay rates of any environmental company in Australia, along with a positive and supportive team environment.

Career Development

All Fauna Spotters staff develop and maintain a career development plan with the company. This plan will set out realistic goals and provide staff with a pathway to achieve those goals. This process ensures that nobody gets stuck in a rut or pushed into a position they don't want to do.  

Key Benefits

  • Highest pay rates in Australia.

  • A Supportive team environment. 

  • Quality equipment. 

  • Ongoing training. 

  • Career development plan.

  • Flexible roster. 

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